[In Person] Balloon Lighting Technician 201

Balloon Lighting Technicians are in demand and this class will give you the hands-on training to familiarize yourself with the function and operation of Lighting Balloons. This class will include discussion and hands-on training on: Refresher discussion on safe handling of helium, the use of regulators, channeling high pressure gas, and storing high pressure tanks. Different types of lighting sources (Tungsten, HMI, Hybrids, Vapors) and the different electrical harness involved. Larger balloons and characteristics in different environments. Balloon rigging (cranes, condors, structural) and using alternate inflation techniques ( Air, Helium, Mix) Testing and handling different electrical harnesses (Tungsten, HMI, Hybrids, Vapors). Prepping, inflating and testing medium to large envelops. Working with large size balloons inside (free floating and rigged). Working with large size balloons outside (free floating and rigged). Working with large size balloons outside and dealing with windy conditions. Deflating, de-rigging and wrapping large balloons.

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