Wisconsin Senate Committee Passes Anti-Sanctuary City Bill – Protest Set For Sunday In Waukesha

Republicans on a Wisconsin Senate committee Thursday passed a bill barring cities from offering sanctuary to immigrants targeted for deportation. Milwaukee’s Voces de la Frontera immigrant rights group is helping organize a protest Sunday in Waukesha, a Republican dominated Milwaukee suburb. Sanctuary for undocumented immigrant working families – who often face dangers and poverty in their home countries –  is supported by some cities, churches, politicians and labor activists around the country. Jose Rojas is a Madison, Wisconsin West High student and a youth volunteer at Voces.

Jose Rojas: “I care about this sanctuary bill because I have friends and family that go through a lot of struggle. And I really want them to stay here, you know?

They are my family, they’re my people. And I don’t want them to be scared to go outside just because some law was passed.”



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