TIME TO VOTE! Labor's Primary Endorsement recommendations and delegate report

California Labor Federation
Pre-Primary Convention
April 12, 2018 San Jose, CA
Delegate Report
Pascal Guillemard

California State Federation of Labor endorsement list is available here:

The “Labor’s Legislative Scorecard” is available here:
The purpose of the scorecard is to provide a clear record of how our local representatives voted on legislation that has a direct impact on union labor and union labor members in California. It is surprising to some to find out that the representative that you believed to be supportive of issues important to you has actually voted against your interests.

For further endorsement information in your individual community, please turn to the California Democratic Party endorsement list:

Central Labor Council delegates from California gathered in San Jose on April 12th, to comprehensively discuss and vote on the June 5th California State Primary Election recommendations of the Cal labor Fed. The following categories were deliberated on at length and voted on: 

  • Statewide ballot measures
  • State Legislative Office candidates
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • U.S. Senate
  • Statewide Constitutional Offices

Delegates were asked to endorse the recommendations and nominations moved to a floor vote by Executive Secretary – Treasurer, Art Pulaski.
With occasional exceptions, the delegates present voted to confirm the recommendations and nominations of the Labor Fed.
However, in certain districts, there were challenges from the floor to those recommendations. Utilizing voting records, several candidate recommendations were challenged and a recommendation of “no recommendation” was voted in, rather than the candidate recommendation made by the state labor fed.
This is because whereas in the past, "the next best option" would have been begrudgingly recommended, in this time of heightened political awareness and participation, any measure or candidate not solidly beneficial to the interests of union labor was challenged. 

There was heated debate over the Fed’s decision to back State Senator Kevin DeLeon for U.S. Senate over incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein. The incumbent Senator has all too often voted on Senate bills contrary to the best interests of progressive union labor ideals. State Senator DeLeon on the other hand has a 96% lifetime voting record in favor of legislation backed by the State Fed. Many delegates from the Senator's home turf in the bay area felt that Senator Feinstein should get the endorsement, but when the vote was taken, the "ayes" handed DeLeon the endorsement.

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsome got the nod over all other candidates for Governor.

Union members are encouraged to both check the list of endorsements and the voting records of incumbents running for reelection.
In particular, state ballots initiatives come with a lot of catchy, but very deceptive “sounds good” names. The State Fed recommendations clarify what is misleading and bad for labor, versus what is good for labor.

Sample ballots for the June 5th primary elections have been mailed. It is imperative that all Local 728 members check the endorsements list and cast votes as recommended by the State Fed. It is in the best interests of union labor everywhere that we stand together, strong and united against the forces that are against us.



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