This Is ‘One Of The Nastiest Anti-Union Campaigns In Modern Labor History’

The National Labor Relations Board is bringing a new complaint against Nissan alleging unfair labor practices in advance of this week’s vote by workers to organize with the UAW. Workers at the Canton Mississippi plant say Nissan is waging a very aggressive anti-union campaign.

The NLRB complaint says Nissan is violating labor law by threatening to close the plant. It’s also breaking the law according to the NLRB by interrogating workers about their union support and in effect trying to bribe them for voting against the union by promising added benefits and improved working conditions if workers vote against the UAW.

The voting happens this Thursday and Friday.

UAW Secretary Treasurer Gary Casteel says after seeing Nissan’s threats and intimidation tactics escalate it’s “now clear that Nissan has no intention of letting employees vote in a free and fair election.”

Professor Lance Compa of Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations says Nissan’s illegal anti-union activity is sustained and documented from worker interviews.

Lance Compa: “Nissan has used an array of tactics designed to basically instill fear among employees about the choice of organizing or union representation.”

Compa says it includes intimidation from day one when employees are hired and Nissan lies about it being non-union because it is unionized worldwide except for the United States.

Lance Compa: “It starts with day one of the employees’ hire. the employees that I interviewed all recounted to me that when they were first hired at the company part of the new employee orientation included a very hard-hitting attack on unions.

Unions are job killers. Unions are plant closers.”

Canton Mississippi Nissan workers and the UAW are waging a strong pro-union campaign with the help of the civil rights movement and other union organizers from around the country.

But Mississippi workers are voting this week with the employer’s figurative gun at their heads threatening their livelihoods if they vote for the UAW.

By Doug Cunningham



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