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My name is Michelle, thank you for visiting Kati Arvanitis’ GoFundMe page! The last few months have been incredibly difficult to say the least. After enduring weeks of unbearable headaches, my mother, Kati, visited a doctor and soon discovered that she had a brain tumor. She immediately had surgery to remove the tumor, which was later diagnosed as an aggressive grade 4 malignant glioblastoma. Further testing revealed that her cancer was less receptive to the typical chemotherapy treatment. Following 6 weeks of radiation and 42 days of chemo, Kati has responded exceptionally well! Based on that fact, she has been invited to participate in a very promising clinical trial. Although risky clinical trials can become very expensive, they are the best available option for survival.

Kati is the kind of person that can always put a smile on your face, will never say no to a person in need and will be there at any moment to lend a helping hand. At this time, she is unaware that this account has been setup and that we are reaching out to you for help. All things considered, we desperately need the support of friends, family and gracious donors to make any contribution you can afford to help Kati through this difficult time. Whether it’s a share and like on Facebook, keeping her in your thoughts and prayers, or helping her out with a financial donation, please show Kati the kindness that she now so urgently needs.

The purpose of this page is to raise money for Kati’s battle against cancer. Necessary medical costs for cancer are currently unaffordable, and we need your help. With her husband, Michael, on permanent disability and Kati unable to even maintain part-time employment, basic fundamental needs like groceries and gasoline are major sources of stress. Anything you can do to help is more appreciated than you’ll ever know. Instead of spending all our energy on meeting the financial demands of this disease, we hope to be able to focus on spending as much quality time with Kati as possible. We are grateful for the time we have remaining with her and want to lift some of her financial burden in hopes that she can focus her strength on fighting this horrible disease.

All funds donated will go towards past due and future medical bills, copays, and daily living essentials. We have hope with friends like you!

Thank you in advance for your support!

With love,

Michelle Arvanitis Beams




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