AFGE: Privatizing VA Won’t Bring Veterans Better Care, But Filling 49,000 Vacancies Would



[Joseph Flynn]: “No evidence supports the claim that privatizing the VA would bring veterans better care.”

AFGE national Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Flynn.

The American Federation of Government Employees wants to save the VA from privatization. The union says with 49,000 unfilled positions at the VA, hiring more people to care for vets would be a far greater benefit to veterans than scheming to privatize the VA.

At a recent summit to save the VA from privatization Flynn said veterans don’t want their health care privatized and private health care systems aren’t better than the VA.

[Joseph Flynn]: “A recent American Legion study co-authored by Suzanne Gordon found that the VA health system performs as well as and often better than the rest of the U.S. health care system.

And especially when it comes to patient safety, patient satisfaction and care and coordination. And the study found that currently wait times are typically the same or shorter than those seeking private treatment.

In other words the VA is doing better than ever. And this is the time to strengthen the system, not weaken it.”



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