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IATSE International

Official IA web page.

IATSE District 2

AZ, CA, HI and NV

Local 15

Stagehands and Projectionists - Pacific Northwest

Local 16

Stagehands - San Francisco, CA

Local 33


Local 44

Affiliated Property Craftspersons

Local 80

Grips, Craft Service and Marine

Local 504

Mixed - Orange County, CA

Local 600

International Cinematographers Guild

Local 640

Projectionists and Video Technicians - Long Island, NY

Local 695


Local 700

Motion Picture Editors Guild

Local 705


Local 706

Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists

Local 720

Mixed - Las Vegas, NV

Local 729

Set Painters and Sign Writers

Local 767

First Aid

Local 800

Art Directors Guild

Local 839

The Animation Guild

Local 871

Script Supervisors

Local 884

Studio Teachers

Local 892

Costume Designers Guild


IBEW, Local 40

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Teamsters, Local 399

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Screen Actors Guild

Director Guild of America


Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers